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Photo: CS-75AⅡ

Circular saw machine compatible with a carbide blade and a high-speed blade

・The highly rigid body frame secures stable cutting
・Data entry can be conducted easily on the LCD touch panel for automatic operation.
・Residual material length of 25mm is possible (CS-75 type)
・Cemented carbide blade or high-speed steel blade is selected depending on the material.
・Works are floated at a specified height to prevent flaws caused during transfer.
・ Gear head backlash is minimized, providing improved cutting accuracy and blade life.

Processing capacity 75AⅡ 100AⅡ 150AⅡ
Round bar (mm) One bar φ10〜φ76.3 φ25〜φ101.6 φ75〜φ152.4
Tow bars φ10〜φ35 φ25〜φ45
Square bar (mm) One bar □10〜□60 □25〜□75 □75〜□100
Tow bars □10〜□30 □25〜□37.5
Work length (mm) Max 6,000
Min 1,000
Short work Work length +300 Work length +350
Cut length (mm) Edge trimming 10 or more 20 or more
Residual material 25 or more 30 or more 45 or more
Product 10 or more 20 or more
・Easy cutting
・Separate vice depression device
・Mist collector
・Automatic loader (6m)
・Chip conveyor
・Work width measuring device
・Oil mist control switch & air pressure control switch