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General purpose type
Automatic borer

・General purpose one shaft drilling machine series
・Spindle Holder : Adjustable Adapter
・Stable drilling is available due to an AC servo motor and ball screws on the feeding axis (Z-axis)
・Equipped is an automatic length measurement device of drill.
・Air blow device is mounted on the spindle head.
・Windows OS is now mounted, and the size of the screen panel is 12.1 inch.

Processing capacity
Bore diameter (mm) φ14.1〜φ40
Steel thickness (mm) 6〜100(Piled processing is possible)
Work dimensions
1 plane (mm) 500×1,600
2 planes (mm) 500×750
・CAD data conversion software + USB drive unit
・Chip conveyor
・Pulsar teaching

Option: Pulsar teaching