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Handling of Personal Information

We recognize that it is essential for us to protect privacy. The following information explains our privacy protection policy. This policy is applied when we handle personal information*1 received via our website.

Request for services via website

When a request such as for the provision of product information is sent via our website, depending on the contents of the service, personal information may be disclosed or provided to a third party who is entrusted to conduct the service. In such a case, prior notice that personal information may be disclosed is indicated on the inquiry/request form. If an applicant does not provide the necessary personal information, provision of the service may not be possible.

IP address *2

For the purpose of managing our website services, we obtain IP addresses which are used when your PC accesses our website. Your IP address is used only for the proper and safe operation and management of our website services, and is not associated with your personal information, such as your name etc.

Cookies *3

We may use cookies to implement higher-level services. Cookies facilitate the use of our website, improving convenience for customers who re-visit it. This service is not intended to obtain personal information or affect your PC in an iniquitous manner. It is possible for you to set your PC Internet browser to block all cookies or to notify you of the transmission of cookies. However, such action may prevent the smooth use of our website.

Statistics tools

In order to continuously provide useful information to our customers, we use web beacons*4 to analyze access trends by aggregating statistical data, such as changes in the number of accesses and page viewing trends. However, we do not conduct specific analysis of customers’ personal information using such statistical data.

*1 Personal information

Personal information is data related to a person such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and work place, where one or more of these can be used to identify a specific person.

*2 IP address

An IP address is a number that identifies the computer accessing a website server. (This does not identify the person using the PC.)

*3 Cookies

A cookie is identification information which is sent to a customer’s browser from a website server, and stored in the browser for efficient use of the website.

*4 Web beacons

To obtain data for the analysis of specific webpage access information, web beacons are used via cookies.