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Management Philosophy

Technological innovation

We will constantly seek technological innovation, provide products and services that can meet the needs of our customers, and grow along with our customers.

Social contribution

We will develop while constantly complying with laws and regulations, and benefit stakeholders, employees and communities. m

Upbeat corporate culture

We will constantly support our employees’ personal development, and establish a modest, upbeat and positive corporate culture.

Quality Policy

We will grasp changes in customer needs accurately, and operate our quality management system effectively to improve the quality of our products.

Environmental Practices

We promote energy-saving activities for the effective use of limited resources through our business operation, product development and service provision.

Main office / Plant

We will decrease our power consumption by 10% through the following measures:
・Visualization of electricity usage in our main office
・Standardization of air conditioning temperature
・Diligent switching off of lights according to time and place
・Decrease of printing by means of copiers
・Preferential use of eco-friendly machine parts

Sales offices

We will decrease the use of gasoline through the following measures:
・Use of hybrid vehicles
・Taking the shortest route
・Regulatory inspection and maintenance of vehicles